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ParaNorman Story line

In a small town there is a boy name Norman who has an unusual gift, he can see and speak to dead people. Norman is often teased and treated as an outcast because of his gift and the only one that believes his is his new oddball friend. Soon Norman realizes his gift comes with great responsibility as he is burdened with the task of saving the town from the witches curse.

ParaNorman Details

ParaNorman 1Rated PG | 92 Minutes | Claymation

Studio/YearLaika Entertainment | 2012
DirectorsChris Butler, Sam Fell
VoicesKodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Leslie Mann, John Goodman, Alex Borstein, and Jeff Garlin
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror
Official WebsiteParaNorman
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ParaNorman Review

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ParaNorman Video Review

This film is a claymation/stop motion delight. Much respect is rightfully given to Laika Entertainment for creating such a detailed claymation.

Before watching this film I wasn’t sure that it was going to be kid friendly and I’m just not that interested in horror movies. With children in mind I would say that there are some scary introductions to characters but once you here them speak and see that they are not violent then the movie gets better and more relaxing.

[quote picture=”” name=”Norman” align=”right”] “I’d like to be alone.”

Neil: “So do I! Let’s go do it together!”

[after a wild van ride] “Is everyone alright? Nobody got bitten?”

Neil: “I bit my tongue. Does that count?”[/quote]

There is also very opportune comedy at tense times during the film and you can’t help but laugh out loud. There were a couple jokes that I would consider “adult” but I don’t think kids would understand them. So, you are probably safe to show this to all audiences.

The plot of the movie was pretty straight forward and predictable until Norman decides to break the cycle of storytelling.

Then the movie becomes much more interesting. There was even a positive message against bullying and not hurting others who hurt you lesson through out the movie, which was strongly emphasized a couple time during the end of the movie. It was nice to see that positive message conveyed when we don’t see that as much these days.

Paranorman was an amazingly detailed claymation with laugh out loud humor and a good message. Be sure to check out the special features on the Blu-Ray/DVD for some really cool facts and behind the scenes looks at how they made Paranorman. For example…did you know it takes one week to make a head of hair for Norman? Crazy!

ParaNorman Trailer

ParaNorman Extras

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