Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift Story line

Chasing his beloved acorn, Scrat breaks up the Earth’s crust and sends continents drifting in all directions. The original three – Manny, Diego, and Sid get separated from the herd and must find their way back home. The trio battles mother nature and Pirates in their attempt to reunite with their family and a new member is welcomed to the herd.

Ice Age: Continental Drift Details

Ice Age 4Rated PG | 93 Minutes | 3D Animation

Studio/YearBlue Sky Studios | 2012
DirectorsSteve Martino, Mike Thurmeier
VoicesRay Romano, Denis Leary, Aziz Ansari, Joy Behar, Peter Dinklage, Queen Latifah
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Official WebsiteIce Age Movie
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Ice Age: Continental Drift YouTube Review

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Ice Age: Continental Drift Review

Ice Age 4, are they ever going to stop making these movies? Do I care? Of course I don’t care if Blue Sky Studios ever stops making these movies because I love each and every one of them.

The trio – Manny, Diego, and Sid find themselves battling mother nature again to stay connected to their families. However, along their journey this time they encounter Pirates! In Ice Age 4 we’re introduced to a crew misfits with bad intentions. Similar to the trio (Manny, Diego, and Sid) the pirates have their own quarks, leaders, and skilled players.

[quote picture=”” name=”Captain Gutt” align=”right”] “Surrender your ship or face my fury!

Sid: “Or face your furry what?”

“Not furry, fury!” [/quote]

The pirates leader Captain Gutt and second in command Shira are the two most interesting new pirates. Captain Gutt is a strong and determined leader like Manny. Shire is a fierce but gentle female saber tooth tiger like Diego, which creates some interesting tension as they seem attracted to one another but must toe the line of loyal friend or foe.

As with most Ice Age movies the plot is very linear and there aren’t many surprises.

What you can expect though, is many laughs along the way. Ice Age never disappoints in the comedy realm. The 3D animation was fluid and fun. It wasn’t too overdone and it added a little punch to the action scenes without being distracting.

The voice talent was outstanding. Jennifer Lopez was pretty good but I would have been find without her. The new voice addition that I was very excited and impressed with was Peter Dinklage who voiced Captain Gutt. I used to be a big Game of Thrones fan so naturally I really enjoyed Peter’s performance.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is a great family movie. If you’ve enjoyed any of the other Ice Age movies then you’re sure to enjoy this one as well.

Ice Age: Continental Drift Trailer

Ice Age: Continental Drift Extras

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