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From Up On Poppy Hill

from up on poppy hill review

From Up On Poppy Hill Story line

As preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games are under way a young group of Yokohama teens try to save their school from destructive wrecking ball.

From Up On Poppy Hill Details

from up on poppy hill 2013Rated PG | 91 Minutes | Animation

Studio/YearStudio Ghibli | 2013
DirectorsGoro Miyazaki
VoicesMasami Nagasawa, Junichi Okada, Keiko Takeshita
GenreAdventure, Drama
Official WebsiteFrom Up On Poppy Hill (Japanese Site)
Trailer: View below

From Up On Poppy Hill Review

Coming soon…March 15, 2013

From Up On Poppy Hill Video Review

Coming Soon…

From Up On Poppy Hill Trailer


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