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Frankenweenie Story line

When Victor’s best friend and dog gets hit by a car Victor realizes that Sparky (his dog) might not be gone forever. Victor’s new science teacher encourages him to ask questions about science and to try hard at everything he does. A motivated Victor finds away to reunite with his best friend Sparky but the neighbors aren’t so welcoming of his science experiment. Soon jealous friends try to bring back to life their old pets but things do go according to plan.

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Frankenweenie Details

Frankenweenie 2012Rated PG | 87 Minutes | Claymation

Studio/Year: Walt Disney Pictures, Tim Burton Animation Co. | 2012
DirectorsTim Burton
VoicesCatherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Winona Ryder, Robert Capron, Conchata Ferrell, Atticus Shaffer, Tom Kenny, Charlie Tahan, and more
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Family
Official WebsiteFrankenweenie
Official Facebook Page: Frankenweenie on Facebook
Trailer: View below

Frankenweenie Video Review

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Frankenweenie Review

Frankenweenie is a unique movie. Tim Burton’s animation was great and Disney’s story telling was predictably good as usual.

Frankenweenis isn’t like most animation movies or claymation movies. What made this movie different is that it was entirely in black and white. There also wasn’t much dialog and it wasn’t needed. I specifically remember thinking that there wasn’t much dialog but that I was still enjoying the movie.

The story was entertaining and only caused concern for a slight bit after Sparky was brought to life. There was a slight lull when everything seemed fine, “Sparky is back to life, story over.” Then finally the story picked up again when the crisis/conflict presented its self.

[quote picture=”” name=”Victor” align=”right”] Edgar: “We can make a Death Ray!”

“It says no Death Rays.”[/quote]

The voice talent was good and didn’t consist of any huge personas overshadowed the characters or the movie as a whole. You still are likely to recognize one or two voices at least. And you might not notice but two people actually voice three different characters themselves.

A black and white somewhat scary movie like this also makes me pause when thinking of really young viewers. I’m not sure I would let my young children watch this movie (if I had any). It’s a similar story with Paranorman.

Probably ages 10 and up would be a good and safe idea.

Frankenweenie is a great movie to have on your shelf when you feel like mixing it up and getting away from the bright colors and 3D animation. There is a good moral to the story, which is still nice to have in animation movies but is probably more appropriate for older kids.

Frankenweenie Trailer

Frankenweenie Extras

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