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Animated Movies 2013 List

List of Animated Movies Coming Out In 2013

Here is a list of animated movies in 2013. Check back often to see new additions to each movie as new details are revealed. Also, be sure to share you most anticipated animated movies of 2013 and read mine below.

What animated movie are you most excited about this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below and also Like us on facebook.

The Best 10 Star Ratings of 2013 (star ratings from IMDB)
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Escape from planet earth 2013Escape From Planet Earth
Rainmaker Entertainment

from up on poppy hill 2013From Up on Poppy Hill
Studio Ghibli

the croods 2013The Croods
DreamWorks Animation

epic 2013Epic
Blue Sky Studios

monsters university 2013Monsters University
Pixar Animation Studios

despicable me 2 2013Despicable Me 2
Illumination Entertainment

turbo 2013Turbo
DreamWorks Animation

planes 2013Planes
DisneyToon Studios

the little mermaid 3d 2013The Little Mermaid 3D
Walt Disney Pictures

cloudy 2 revenge of the leftovers 2013Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers
Sony Pictures Animation

mr. peabody and sherman 2013Mr. Peabody & Sherman
DreamWorks Animation
frozen 2013Frozen
Walt Disney Animation
dorothy of oz 2013Dorothy of Oz
Summertime Entertainment

Most Anticipated Animated Movies 2013

There seems to be a pretty good lineup of animated films this year, hopefully better than the last. I am most looking forward to Monsters University, Epic, and The Croods.

The Monsters University trailer looks like they picked up right where they left off with Monsters Inc. It should be another smash hit by Pixar. I’m not sure what to expect from Epic. I’ve enjoyed Blue Sky Studios Ice Age movies and Rio a lot and I’m looking forward to this movie just because I’m curious to see if Blue Sky will deliver again. The Croods simply looks like entertaining eye candy and could potentially be the start of another trio of hits from DreamWorks.

What animated movies are you looking forward to most this year? Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply. If you’re able, like our facebook page here or in the sidebar to the right. See you at the movies!

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Brandon Crombar

I love watching animated movies and I am continually amazed how far computer animation has come. My favorite animated movie of all time is Finding Nemo. My favorite 2012 movie to date is Brave by Disney | Pixar.

3 thoughts on “Animated Movies 2013 List”

  1. Hi,can’t wait for Despicable Me 2. Love the first one & The Lorax. The songs are so catchy & fun to sing along.My 4 year old son loves The Lorax.So I know he’ll love Despicable Me 2 as well. Illumination Entertainment sure knows how to entertain.But we like Dreamworks & others as well.They produce great animation too.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of the same stories from other parents and young kids, they love singing along with The Lorax.

      Despicable Me was a huge hit and is ranked #10 on box office gross sales (which you can see at and I’m sure they’ll knock the second one out of the park as well.

      Thank you for sharing!

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